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Stayed 1 month and 17 days

Mom with 4 year old daughter

Experience at SVDP:  This was not her first experience being in a shelter atmosphere, but she felt that this shelter was one of the best she had experienced. She felt “safer” living here and appreciated the cleanliness. One of her needs was stability. She needed a place to go on a nightly basis with her daughter and the SVDP shelter became that place for her. Her other need was childcare. The case manager assisted her with applying for assistance through Care For Kids and she continues to utilize that benefit. She appreciated that the workers were attentive to her needs but also appreciated that the workers didn’t provide a sense of “false hope”. 

Negative experience would be the drama with other residents.



August 9, 2021

"SVDP has met my expectations in all areas."

My experience at SVDP has been a positive one. My outlook on life has changed so much in the past couple of months thanks to their wonderful staff.  I was very very depressed, suicidal and hopeless. Now I am confident and stronger. They have helped with so much it is hard for me to pinpoint what they helped with the most but I think I would have to go with housing. SVDP has met my expectations in all areas. I feel valued by everyone at SVDP. The staff makes it a fun environment to be in and are very supportive. Someone is always there for me when I need someone to talk to. I feel actively included in everything. I feel safe and my belongings secure at SVDP.  My goal is to move out of the shelter and return as an employee. I am very hopeful now more than ever.   

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